Land Bank

For assistance with the Land Bank, please contact:

Annette Muhammad

SVP of Land Bank Operations

Office: (973) 273-1040

The Land Bank breaks the cycle of negative community impacts caused by vacant properties. Partnering with community groups and responsible developers, the Land Bank acquires, maintains, and repurposes vacant, abandoned, and foreclosed properties, and transforms them into assets benefitting vulnerable populations.

Land Bank
Benefits include:
  • Housing: Developing additional affordable housing to combat the city’s affordability crisis
  • Jumpstarting Economic Activity: Producing revenue Newark can invest in new community-centered projects, such as new buildings with street-level retail, community centers providing social services, and open space
  • Public Safety: Transforming blighted properties into inviting spaces
  • Education: Revitalizing schools, providing students productive learning environments
  • Sustainability: Constructing environmentally-friendly developments and green spaces
  • Property Values: Elevating property values by investing in improvements throughout the surrounding community