For assistance with a Development project, please contact:

Office:(973) 273-1040

Pre-Development Assistance

Are you looking to develop in Newark? Here are some ways Invest Newark can help you get started:

Invest Newark Products and Assistance:
  • Predevelopment Loans
    • Financial Assistance with the early stages of a development project.  Typical Predevelopment Costs would be financed prior to construction lending.
  • Mini-Permanent Loans
    • Interim loans for project related costs.  Terms of 3-10 years
Links to Resources from our partners:


  • Site Acquisition Fund
  • Working in Newark Neighborhoods (WINN)


  • Predevelopment loan funds
  • Site Acquisition loan funds
  • Construction loan funds
  • Mini-permanent loan funds
  • Charter School Financing


  • Real Estate Development financing
  • Business Relocation lending
  • Innovation lending
Incentives For Developers:

Why build in Newark? There are many developer incentives to build in Newark.

Joint Venture Development Projects:
  • Developer Networking and Partnerships
    • Invest Newark can link you to development opportunities
  • Local Project Management
    • Invest Newark can assist with project management
  • Financial Partnerships on Development Projects
    • Invest Newark can create partnerships with developers to help fund local projects
Want to Partner with Invest Newark?
  • When seeking products or services, Invest Newark solicits Request For Proposals (RFPs) and Request for Qualifications (RFQs) from interested and qualified firms through an open process. Learn about available RFPs, and RFQs by going to our Procurement Portal
  • Local Developers have the opportunity to partner with Invest Newark on a construction project through a Joint Venture or JV. If you have a property and need capital or if you have the capital but need the property, contact us to discuss how we can help and/or work together in a JV.


Get Started Here:  Business Assistance Request Form